No One Eats Alone Day at Sleepy Hollow Middle School

Sleepy Hollow Middle School students join together during No One Eats Alone Day.

Sleepy Hollow Middle School students shared an afternoon fostering friendships and building community on September 20 when they participated in No One Eats Alone Day. 

The tradition allows students, faculty, staff, and administrators to spend the lunch periods outside with each other.  

Students ate on blankets, played soccer, volleyball, tag, football, board games, or simply spent time reconnecting with friends. 

This year, SHMS added an environmental twist to the day to encourage sustainability. Instead of purchasing cases of water bottles, participants brought refillable bottles and utilized the Athletics Department’s hydration station. The goal is to make the event 100% trash-free. At the end of the day, eighth-graders volunteered to clean up the field as a community service project. 

SHMS Principal Joshua Whitham said that his favorite part of the day is “wandering from group to group and joining in on the games, jumping into a basketball or football game. I love listening to the giggling and laughter.”

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