Middle School Girls Will Explore Strengths, Find Purpose through Mentoring Program

Sandy Bassin is the founder of Her Story Mentorship, a Westchester County-based organization that works with middle and high school girls.

The teenage years are complicated, especially when it comes to navigating social media and figuring out a purpose or direction for the future.

Westchester-based Her Story Mentorship, a new organization, will pilot a program at Anne M. Dorner Middle School in Ossining this spring to help guide 10 girls in finding their own sense of purpose.

“There’s research that shows when teens connect with purpose, they do better in school, they’re more resilient, they’re healthier,” said Sandy Bassin, an entrepreneur who founded Her Story Mentorship, which works with middle school and high school girls.

The 12-week grant-funded program starts with learning about digital wellness and best practices. While frequent use of social media can have a negative impact on all teenagers, it is more likely to affect the mental health and well-being of girls, studies have found.

“We are aiming to shift their focus away from social media toward real-world purpose through an experience with entrepreneurship,” said Ms. Bassin, whose background is in product development and behavioral health.

The mentoring program is a great opportunity for AMD to pair students with role models who will encourage them to think about how they can make a positive impact on the world, Superintendent Raymond Sanchez said.

The mentoring sessions will take place online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The girls will identify their strengths and passions and develop personal mission statements. They will transform their mission into a tangible, purpose-driven idea, determine goals, and create a vision board and vision statement. Girls will use a business plan model to further develop their idea.

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