Mercy College Offers Free Tuition for Veterans

Associate Professor Dr. William Farber, Mercy College School of Education, U.S. Navy Veteran (1968-1974)

Sometimes it can be difficult to know how to give back to our nation’s Military Veterans. There are many charities and organizations dedicated to caring for Wounded Warriors and in many ways, the simple expression “Thank you for your service” is enough to show gratitude. However, people often look for something more to retribute all those who bravely serve and sacrifice.

Dr. William Farber is an example of someone who wants more for our courageous Veterans. An Associate Professor of Mathematics Education and Director of the Veterans to Math Teachers Program at Mercy College – and a United States Navy Veteran himself – Dr. Farber passionately and diligently runs a Veteran scholarship program that helps veterans pursue a career in teaching mathematics in high need schools.

“As a Veteran of the United States Navy who transitioned to teaching mathematics, I believe in the reciprocal strengths that Veterans bring to the profession and that teaching brings to Veterans’ lives,” says Dr. Farber.

Recently, Mercy College received a major grant of just over 1.16 million dollars from the National Science Foundation Teacher Scholarship Program. This donation will allow Veterans who already have a bachelor’s degree and 21-24 credits in mathematics the chance to complete a Master of Science in math education tuition free.

The one challenge attached to this once in a lifetime opportunity is that Dr. Farber is in need of ten potential students by May 2020. “I am convinced that these mature men and women will provide qualities of leadership, strength, and team-work to the profession, improve capacity-building in their schools, and act as professional and personal role models for secondary school students,” says Dr. Farber.

“Contact me immediately,” urges Dr. Farber as he and his team strongly believe that this program will provide Veterans with a purpose within compassionate communities. To all those dedicated to helping United States Veterans find a purposeful vocation by receiving an excellent education, spread the word about this amazing opportunity throughout the community.

Dr. Farber’s passion and hard work as both an educator and Veteran proves that dreams can come true. The opportunity offered at Mercy College can make a huge difference in a Veteran’s life and it is up to us to broadcast this news in order to make this dream a reality for those deserving men and women who faithfully serve our nation.

For more information or to apply contact Dr. Farber at or at 914-674-7675.

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