Kindness and Inclusion Month at the Public Schools of the Tarrytowns

Kindness and Inclusion Month began across the District on March 2 with “Spread the Word: Inclusion Day!” This day is a national celebration to promote inclusion for all people with differing abilities.

Students, faculty and staff signed a kindness pledge banner in all of our schools during their lunch period and then received a sticker vowing to spread kindness and inclusion. Students across the district will be brainstorming ways to spread kindness and inclusion within our school community.

Spread the word – Inclusion

On Monday, March 21st, students are celebrating Down Syndrome Awareness Day. Individuals with Down Syndrome have an extra chromosome. (3 – 21 chromosomes – which is why we celebrate on 3/21). Since chromosomes can look like socks – we will be having a district-wide crazy sock day to raise awareness.

On Friday, April 1st Tarrytown will host our annual district-wide Light it Up Blue celebration. TUFSD asks all students and staff to wear blue to support World Autism Awareness Day which will take place on Saturday, April 2nd.

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