Irvington Teachers Bring Excitement to Physical Education with New Activities

Dows Lane Elementary School students enjoyed the open space outside. Photo courtesy of the Irvington Union Free School District

As Dows Lane Elementary School students jumped and hopped on the field in physical education teachers Tiffany Flynn’s and Marisa Stracuzzi’s classes, they remained 12 feet apart in their own socially distant boxes. Painted by the grounds crew in a grid, the boxes allow the students to freely move in their space and concentrate on their movements and skills.

“We know it has been a release for them to move around away from the screen, and we are excited that we can give students this type of experience,” Flynn said. “We have been enjoying the open space outside in the fresh air, incorporating different movement themes and fitness concepts each day.”

While the students aren’t using any shared equipment due to safety restrictions, Flynn and Stracuzzi have found creative ways to engage their students and introduce new activities that bring excitement to their classes. The students have worked on their locomotor movements, such as skipping, galloping, sliding, running, jumping and hopping. They also discovered Rock, Paper, Scissors as a way to quickly solve small problems and transformed the strategy into exercise games out on the field.

“This is definitely a whole new way of teaching PE for both of us, but we are having so much fun moving with our students and trying new things,” Flynn said. “We have a lot more to share with them this year, and our fun has only just begun.”

In addition, Flynn and Stracuzzi said one of their goals is to help students develop the necessary skills for a physically active lifestyle and engage their minds in something they enjoy.

“Our students are moving and exercising with us, but they are also acquiring the skills necessary to use physical activity as a strategy for relaxation, wellness and fun,” Stracuzzi said. “We are so proud of our students navigating new routines and procedures this year. Whether we are on the computer or on the field, we have been dancing, smiling and beaming with Bulldog pride.”

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