Irvington Schools partner with Superstorm victims on Long Island to provide ‘People Power’ and MSG Varsity takes note

irvington schools adopt lindenhurst schoolsIn the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, people have come together to generously donate their time and money to help those whose lives were ravaged. This includes the students of Irvington High School who have partnered with a school on Long Island, Lindenhurst High School,

in an area that was seriously damaged by the storm. As a result, the students involved will find themselves spotlighted on MSG Varsity in a segment devoted to the service they are providing.

Through “Schools Adopting Schools in the Wake of Hurricane Sandy,” established by Julie Bergin of Long Island, the program partners schools who need help with those who can provide help. Luann Ricciardi, Irvington Middle School health teacher, along with Student Council advisor Ilijah Markic, High School science teacher, helped students coordinate a trip to Lindenhurst to see first-hand how they can help.

It began with a videoconference on Dec. 20 when student council representatives from both high schools brainstormed ways that Irvington students could do the most good. It was agreed a visit would be the next step, so on Dec. 26, five Irvington High school students, Student Council President Preyaa Docu along with Anna Brennan, Spencer Cohen, Maddie DeRose and Caleb Schwartz, along with Ricciardi and Markic, went to Lindenhurst.

After touring the devastated neighborhoods with their Long Island hosts, the group determined how they could best serve. It became clear to the group very quickly that “people power” was needed, and that residents are also lacking even the tools to get the job done. So the group has agreed that work brigades and money to replace tools are the goal.

“It was apparent what needed to be done,” said Preyaa. “There is no longer a need for canned foods or clothing to replace all that was lost. These families need their homes back. After altering our initial ‘game-plan,’ we agreed to begin fundraising efforts in our district in order to raise money for work supplies and tools. The Lindenhurst families need man power to re-build their homes, and being young students with endless energy, this is easy to provide. This is a great way for the students of our high school, and Lindenhurst High for that matter, to band together to achieve a common goal.”
The details are still being worked out, but the connection between the two schools will be forever cemented.

The segment airing date is yet TBD, and the information will be provided on the school district website as soon as it becomes available.


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