Irvington Health and Wellness Fair Raises Awareness

Irvington Main Street School students learned self-defense techniques during the school’s Health and Wellness Fair in April.

Irvington fourth and fifth grade students practiced mindfulness, explored yoga poses, learned how to make healthy food choices and competed in relay races during Main Street School’s Health and Wellness Fair on April 24. The 21 members of the fifth-grade leadership team had introduced their peers to the event by creating posters and planning and organizing the day.

“The event raised awareness about the importance of physical activity, health and wellness by engaging students in a variety of health-related workshops,” Principal Joyce Chapnick said. “In order to be a global citizen, one must first take care of his or her own health and wellness before helping others.”

Each student participated in three 35-minute workshops and learned from guest speakers and health experts on physical fitness, mental health, medical health and healthy eating. Vendors and organizations offered healthy snacks in the Exhibit Hall.

The mindfulness workshop explored coping strategies. Other workshops discussed the role of oral and optical care. Students practiced exercises from bending to squatting, pushing and pulling, and learned how to decode ingredients and choose foods high in nutritional value.

Chapnick thanked the parents who came, the leadership team and PAC who “went above and beyond to help make the event a great success.”

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