Irvington Educator Named Outstanding Teacher of American History

Irvington High School social studies teacher Dr. Erik Weiselberg (Photo courtesy of Frederick Charles for the Irvington Union Free School District)

Irvington High School social studies teacher Dr. Erik Weiselberg is the winner of the 2020 Outstanding Teacher of American History Contest by the New York State Organization of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Judges unanimously awarded Dr. Weiselberg the highest total points available to this year’s winner. A renowned historian, he holds a Ph.D. in U.S. history from the Univer­sity of Oregon and has developed expertise in the American Revo­lutionary War era. Besides being an outstanding teacher, he is known among his peers for his empathy, creativity and preparedness.

In the classroom, Dr. Weiselberg brings knowledge to his students with an ability to relate history to modern life. According to a student who supported his nomination, Dr. Weiselberg makes learning enjoyable, relevant and rewarding for his students, supports their learning and challenges them to grow.

Besides his passion for teaching, Dr. Weiselberg has presented programs to the local community about the history of the area. He is a member of a vast number of community organizations, including Revolutionary Westchester 250, the Irvington Historical Society and Revolutionary Hastings, and he is also Irvington’s village historian. He has earned service awards which reflect his dedication for teaching, love for history and pride in his country.

Dr. Weiselberg will advance to the national competition this December, and the winner will be intro­duced during the organization’s Continental Congress in June.

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