Hundreds of Ossining Middle School Students Pledge to Combat Climate Change

Anne M. Dorner Middle School students march outside the front of the school on Sept. 27.

“We Only Have One Earth,” “There Is No Planet B,” “Earth Needs Our Help,” and “We Need to Act Now.” 

Those are some of the urgent messages that students wrote on posters for Anne M. Dorner Middle School’s September 27 Climate Strike, Ossining’s part in the Global Climate Strike, which took place from September 20-27.  

Eighth-graders Shae Shandroff, Katelyn Kranitz, and Shania Flores worked with Principal Kate Mathews on a Climate Change Pledge that nearly 400 students voluntarily filled out and submitted. The middle school students promised actions to use reusable water bottles, eat locally grown and organic foods, unplug cords when not in use, and carpool. 

As they marched outside the school, dozens of sixth-, seventh-, and eighth-graders chanted, “Save Our Earth” and “What do we want? Action! When do we want it? Now!”   

Shandroff and Kranitz said that people of all ages need to speak up and take action to protect the environment.  

“If we don’t try and save the world now, the younger generations are just going to have to suffer more,” said Kranitz. “And it’s not just the adults’ fault, because climate change was found out decades ago. But they helped contribute to it.” 

Mathews said she is proud of the three for helping organize the event, and of the many who participated. 

“When students are given the opportunity to have their voices heard, they can make a positive impact on our world,” said Mathews.

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  1. There are many oportunities to reduce global warming. An example is the three hour delay policy for schools. Puttimg so many buses and cars on the road for just 2 hours of class time. We all talk about taking action but we keep on going about our lives as before and not making changes when we can.

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