Families Explore Reading, the Arts, and More at OHS Enrichment Program 

Neil Hamill, a teaching assistant at Claremont School, helps children in an introductory chess class at the district’s free Saturday Explore & Learn program.

At a recent Saturday Explore & Learn session at Ossining High School, five-year-old Johnny Tacuri focused on writing about his pet rabbit, Lucio, who loves some of Tacuri’s fave foods: lettuce and broccoli. The boy and his mother, Olga Tacuri, part of the “Raising a Reader” interactive class for families, wrote a story based on their lives.   

Tacuri dedicated each page of the book – the first he’d ever written – to a different activity: playing with the 4-year-old bunny, feeding him, and watching him sleep. “I like books, and I like that we make and illustrate books,” he said. 

Edgar Guallpa took his daughter, Amy, to the Destination Imagination class.  

Park School dual language teacher Christine Rosas taught kids the first few ballet positions as well as the plié relevé.   

“Head up, big smiles,” Rosas said. “When we dance, I want to see some smiles.” 

Other classes in the first cycle of the new Saturday program included: Yes, You Can Play Ukulele; Architectural Adventures; and Destination Imagination STEAM Basics. The free program’s next cycle is Jan. 11, 18, and 25, and Feb. 1 and 8. Explore & Learn is supported by the Ossining MATTERS foundation.

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