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This new project created by EF students in Tarrytown will be posting additional stories at www.efnewyorkprofiles.wordpress.com beginning April 2nd.

Do you ever wonder what is going on at the former Marymount College in Tarrytown? You’ve probably heard that it is now EF, a language school, and you have seen the students coming down from the hill, shopping and searching for the best coffee in town! But, who are they and what are their stories? 

The EF New York Profiles Project wants to take you on a journey through the personal stories from students, alumni and everything else that makes our school so wonderful. We want to introduce you to the different cultures, the good moments, the struggles, the people. We want to inspire and make you a part of these amazing experiences that are happening right here in Tarrytown!

Written by Katy Oberdiek, EF New York Profiles

I was born in Taipei, Taiwan. My parents had been working together for many years –  they fell in love.

I believed the woman [whom] I stayed with for 23 years was my mom until my grandmother told me the truth. When I was three weeks old, my mother left. I couldn’t believe what my grandma was telling me; I was confused about what was true and what wasn’t. Apparently my mom had a big issue with my father. She had to make a choice. A new life or to stay with me. She chose to abandon me –  I am left with no memories of her.


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