Dows Lane Elementary School Second Graders Bring Fables to Life 

Dows Lane Elementary School second grade students performed fables in front of peers, teachers and parents on March 29.

Dows Lane Elementary School second graders, who have been reading Aesop’s fables, brought literature to life through a creative and authentic learning experience. Students wrote their own scripts for selected fables before performing the tales in front of an audience of peers, teachers and parents in March 

The newly adapted fables that the students performed included “The Grasshoppers and the Ants,” “The Three Mice Go to the Seashore,” and “The Tortoises and the Hares.”  

“Each class did such a great job demonstrating how they scripted an original folktale, developed parts and lines, created costumes and ultimately presented using creative dramatics, voice and teamwork,” said Principal Deborah Mariniello.  

“Theater is a powerful medium especially for young childrenit brings expressive qualities to a new level and enables them to fully understand and appreciate the creative process, said teacher Kari Carlson.

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