Cooperative Planning and Shared Decision Making in the Briarcliff Schools

The Briarcliff Manor Union Free School District is pleased to announce the formation of new Building Compact Committees and the District Enabling Committee.  These committees are directed by the New Compact for Learning by the Commissioner of Education and their purpose is to institute cooperative planning and shared decision making at the building level with the goal of improving student achievement.

These committees will begin meeting this school year and carry over for the entire 2012-2013 school year and will enlist a variety of constituency groups in our community – students, school personnel, parents and community members – in the job of providing a better education for the students of our District.

Parents are nominated and elected by the PTA at a special meeting that will be announced for April.  Community members, school district residents who do not have any children currently attending the Briarcliff Manor Public Schools, are selected by the Board of Education.

On behalf of the Board of Education, all community members who are interested in becoming a member of one of the building committees are asked to submit a letter of interest or e-mail to Juanita Brockett, District Clerk, listing your leadership experience, past involvement with schools and reasons for wanting to become a part of the committee.


Letters of interest may be sent to:  

Juanita Brockett, District Clerk

Briarcliff Manor School District

45 Ingham Road

Briarcliff Manor, NY  10510


E-mails may be sent to:


All community member volunteer letters must arrive at our District Office by April 6, 2012.  The Board of Education will select six community members (two for each building committee) at their April 16, 2012, board meeting.


Individuals should possess the following characteristics:

1) put the interest and needs of students first

2) are willing to make a time commitment to the Committee and will commit to regular attendance at the meetings

3) are good team players, able to set aside personal agendas

4) have a good sense of the District

5) are good communicators and will seek input from your constituent groups, as well as report back to these groups


In addition, members of the building Compact Committees will meet monthly for approximately two hours and may have opportunities to work on projects beyond the meeting dates and times.

For more information on these Compact Committees, please visit the Briarcliff Manor District website to view the “New Compact for Learning Plan” under the heading “Compact Committee.”


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