Community Approves the 2021-22 Budget and Two Transportation Propositions Presented by the Public Schools of the Tarrytowns

The Public Schools of the Tarrytowns announced that the 2021-22 budget presented to the community was overwhelmingly approved by a vote of 503 YES votes and 127 NO votes. Results remain unofficial until the Board of Education formally accepts the results.

The budget of $83,837,109 is within the allowable tax cap levy with an increase of 1.93%.

The community also approved two transportation propositions, one for the purchase of school buses and vehicles for use by the district and the other to provide transportation to students in grades 3, 4 and 5 who reside more than .3 mile to/from school. TUFSD also announced that the trustees chosen by voters are Krista Barron, Michelle DeFilippis and Cecilia Gordon.

Superintendent Christopher Borsari thanked the community for participating in the budget process and approving this year’s budget. “We greatly appreciate that the community has voted in favor of our budget, particularly in this very challenging year,” said Borsari. “The budget allows us to continue providing a high-caliber education to our students and advancing the priorities the district has set forth.”

“The district’s focus on fiscal discipline, along with attention to the needs of the parents and children of our local villages and towns has been supported by a significant majority and, for this, we extend our sincere thanks,” said TUFSD Board of Education President John Paine.

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