Commencement 2019: Ossining High School

Ossining High School graduates (L-R) Keven Victoria; Dylan Spedaliere; Nina Foster; and Kendall Hoffman display their mortarboards, which show the universities they will attend.

Speakers at the Ossining High School graduation on June 22 urged students to be brave, embrace their vulnerabilities, and pursue their passions.

Valedictorian Emma Montgomery said the world at large focuses on quantifiable measures of success, such as grades, money and jobs. It is important for students to follow their dreams.

“Some of us have found these passions in high school,” she said. “At the same time, it’s OK and even understandable if you don’t know what [yours] is right now or if it changes. We are allowed to change our minds and explore new ideas.”

Salutatorian Magdalene Ford urged her classmates to “put the needs of the many before the needs of the one” in their lives.

Superintendent Raymond Sanchez advised students to persevere despite the challenges and struggles they will face.

“Do not stay on the ground. Lift your dreams with your whole heart,” he said. “Be bold, be brave, be fearless and take hold of the dream that has already taken hold of you.”

Roughly 340 OHS seniors graduated in the ceremony, which took place at Pace University in Pleasantville.

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