Rallying the River Towns


Not since the ‘60s has America seen social activism as impassioned, determined, and perpetual as we have witnessed these past historic weeks.  

That tumultuous era’s unrest was to protest an unpopular war.  

Today’s roiling unrest wages a virtual war against racial inequality and injustice — and pleads for civility and unity.  

People of the River Towns are nothing if not fiercely proud, loyal and vigilant stewards of our harmonious quality of life.  

This pictorial pays homage to how that humanitarian ethic is playing out in our communities.  


‘We need people to understand that this is a movement, not a moment.’   Sandra Aderemi, student (at Sleepy Hollow High School June 13 rally she organized)


‘They [protesters] should try to walk in their (police) shoes for a day. These people have a family at home and they’re going out to do the best that they can.’ – Retired police officer Bob Kressman (at Tarrytown June 26 face-to-face rallies at Patriots Park, for Back the Blue and Blue Lives Matter) Photo: Mark Lif
‘This isn’t simply a rally against hate, but a rally in favor of unity.’ Peekskill Mayor Andre Rainey (at City of Peekskill June 6 rally at Depew Park)


‘I know that we feel frustration and anger, but we need to be able to have the conversation.’ Paige Jones (center), student, Croton-Harmon High School (organizer of June 19 student rally at Vasallo Park)

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