Letter to the Editor: In Support of Robert Mayes for Cortlandt Town Board

Robert Mayes

It is my honor to write in support of Robert Mayes for [Cortlandt] Town Council. I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Robert and his family twelve years ago, when I was assistant director at The Early Learning Center childcare facility. He has always been a true family man, even though working full time, he always found time to be there for his children.

I have had many opportunities to witness the hands-on person Robert Mayes is. He is not only a dedicated, involved father, but has shown support to both teachers as well as the other families at the center. We were truly a united community.

After leaving the center, I continued to have a wonderful relationship with Robert and his family. Seeing them out at our community events, most recently seeing him at the Town Swap meet. He is always there, showing up for his community. He is a man of great morals and values and is truly a role model for us all. His leadership and dedication to his family, friends and community never goes unnoticed.

I see Robert Mayes as a gift that will be of great value to the [Cortlandt] town council.

Heather Wood

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