Familiar Themes from Mister Rogers’ Guide Ossining Educators

Echoes of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood in Ossining! 

Ossining Superintendent Dr. Raymond Sanchez teaches values in a Mister Sanchez’s Neighborhood video.  

On August 29, during Ossining’s Opening Day assembly for teachers, administrators, and staff, Superintendent Dr. Raymond Sanchez unveiled the district’s back to school video, Mister Sanchez’s Neighborhood. Sanchez walks into his office singing the familiar opening song as he removes his suit jacket and work shoes and puts on a navy blue cardigan and sneakers. 

“Hey boys and girls, isn’t Ossining a great community and a great place to go to school?” he asks.  

Speaking to the assembly, Sanchez reflected on the important lessons Fred Rogers taught and how they are relevant to teaching today. 

“One of the greatest gifts we can give to our students is love,” he said.  

The video spotlights each of the district’s six schools, including the dual language program at Park School and the music program at Brookside School. At Brookside, children gathered around the piano to sing “It’s You I Love,” Mister Rogers’ song. At Park, kindergarteners said learning how to subtract and reading lots of books were some of the highlights of kindergarten. 

“Have a great school year everybody,” Dr. Sanchez says in the video.

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