Turn, Turn, Turn

It’s true, “the one constant in life is change.” With this issue of River Journal we prove the adage correct. The residents and businesses in Briarcliff Manor (including Scarborough) will have additional reading material landing in their mailboxes on a monthly basis. To our newest readers we offer a heartfelt welcome along with an invitation. The invitation stems from the truth that a relevant community publication prospers from the input of the readership it serves.

In essence, the invitation to our Briarcliff Manor readers is to let us know what’s important. That can be accomplished through letters, articles and the happenings that Briarcliff wants to share with the neighboring villages River Journal has served over the past thirteen years. Those Villages are Irvington, Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow, all three river towns. Having said that, Briarcliff Manor has been duly noted as “the Village between two rivers” and a beautifully written article within this issue expands on that fact.

To our current readers we pledge (as always) to make River Journal relevant and unique. Whether in print or on the Web at RiverJournalOnline.com we will continue to represent each village with a unique variety of articles written by people who live and work in our communities.  


Robert Bonvento,

914-631-7021 • RiverJournal@aol.com

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