The Sign

Since 1951 I have been living at 44 Sunnyside Avenue in a section of Tarrytown known as the "Heights." A few months ago a sign appeared at the bottom of the street welcoming me to the "Crest." Can you imagine my elation?

The lowly Heights had been let into the Crest’s sphere of affluence. It made me feel like a poor orphan that had been adopted by a rich family. My life should surely change for the better because of the sign.

In reality the sign angered me, so, I wrote a letter to the Mayor asking why the sign was there and not in the Crest. The Mayor passed my letter on to the Administrator, who, after a few weeks, responded stating that the Village Board and Architectural Review Board approved the sign and he had forwarded my letter to the Hillcrest Civic Association (whatever that is).

I wrote another letter stating that passing my letter around was no solution. The sign is geographically wrong and does not belong at its present location. Those who took part in this decision should admit their mistake and remove the sign from public land. I gave this letter to the Administrator; no response.

There are those on both Boards who should have known better. A little time to do the research should have been taken instead of pandering to some special interest group’s whim. Page 312 of the "History of the Tarrytowns" would give all the information to admit the error and remove the sign. Once the Boards read the pages, pass it on to the "HCCA." I understand that one of the officials who lobbied for the sign doesn’t even live in the "Crest." Maybe if living in the "Crest" is that prestigious, this official should ride through the Crest and buy one of the many houses that are for sale and put the sign on the lawn.

Those of us who have lived in the Heights and still live here are just as proud of our neighborhood, and because of its history, don’t need a sign.

Lawrence N. Bernetti

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