Tarrytown Lakes Skating Shack & Pump House Restoration


I am not sure if this is the correct contact information to send requests for questions or comments concerning area issues.

My husband and I are curious, with all of the upcoming improvements & construction in the Villages, if the Village has any plans to restore the old skating shack and the pump house at the bottom of the lakes road heading toward Elmsford.

I have spent the better part of 40 years in this town and have witnessed so much development and changes.

It would be nice to see us take care of what we have also. The area is so beautiful, and although we have not had much skating these past years we have had enough and certainly have enough through-traffic to warrant the cleaning and repair of the old skating shack & pump house. We look forward to bringing our children there to skate once they are old enough and it would be lovely to see it cleaned up.

The pump house is a lovely structure with so much history; it is a shame to see it so run down.

I am sure if the Village asked the residents we could make a day of it and offer to help clean it up and perhaps repair or replace the windows and throw on a fresh coat of paint or power wash the building. Some nice new plantings would also add a nice touch; I am sure the garden club would love to pitch in, and again I am sure the residents would also.

Sincerely, The Rosafort Family

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