Statement from Tarrytown Mayor Tom Butler Regarding Neo-Nazi Images

Mayor Thomas Butler

2020 has been a tough year and we welcome and look forward to the renewed hope and uplift that 2021 will bring. Unfortunately 2020 ended on a sad and abhorred note, with pictures of Neo-Nazi images (stickers) – discovered on Friday and Saturday across the 10591-zip code, which includes both Sleepy Hollow and Tarrytown.

We stand with Mayor Ken Wray and with our sister Village of Sleepy Hollow in condemning and denouncing this right wing, white supremacist hate group and/or individuals who spread this type of hatred throughout our Villages.

It is my understanding that this group’s website was printed on their stickers; and is deemed an anti-Semitic, anti-minority, and white supremacist hate group. These messages contain hateful rhetoric and are un-American. Tarrytown is a proud and diverse community and we collectively reject the efforts and activities of these racist groups in our diverse and tolerant neighborhoods and communities. We thank the many people who spoke out against this hatred and helped to remove the vile neo-Nazi stickers from public properties.

Be advised that Police Chief John Barbelet has opened an investigation in this matter and has detectives assigned and working on it. They have already been in contact with the Westchester District Attorney’s office. Tarrytown & Sleepy Hollow police department are working in partnership on this issue.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call Tarrytown detectives directly at 914-631-1514.

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