Remembering North Tarrytown

Dear Editor,

I read the latest issue of River Journal with tears in my eyes. What a pleasure to read the articles on " Dads & Grads."

The stories reminded me of my own children when they graduated and went off to college.

How we missed them. They called every night because they missed us as well.

Further on in the paper I read the Tony Morabito story. He was born in April, 1930 at 107 Cortlandt Street. I was born in June, 1930 at 107 Cortlandt Street. My family came from western Pennsylvania and my Zingaro, a mid-wife, who delivered me.

It was good to read about Mr. Morabito, and his story reminded me of so many things that happened in North Tarrytown throughout the years.

The older residents of Sleepy Hollow, formerly North Tarrytown, have many memories, some good and some bad. Mr. Steiner should do more stories about North Tarrytowners and Tarrytowners.

Irene Amato
Sleepy Hollow (formerly North Tarrytown)

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