Pump House Wishes

We were just ecstatic to read about the proposed ideas for the old Tarrytown Lake Pump House.

The lakes, as well as the surrounding nature area, are one of our most beautiful natural areas.    My husband was reading the article and called me in from the other room and said “Look, honey, they heard your wish.”  Every time we’ve driven by the pump house, which is such a beautiful structure, I have wished that we could just fix it up. I envision everything from nature studies, bike and kayak rentals to – oh, the possibilities are endless. I have lived here most of my life and enjoy raising our children here; there always seems to be so many new and exciting things to discover in our town and it is especially nice to see us preserving the old.


I am curious, though, if anyone has listed, and can properly identify, the number of species that currently inhabit the Tarrytown Lakes. Our youngest daughter gets the biggest kick out of the little diving ducks (of which I know there are several different varieties) and she especially likes the ones with the pointy crowns. Does anyone know the proper name for them? Or how many different species of ducks, fish and bugs inhabit the lakes? Perhaps you could hold a contest to see who can name the most. I also understand you can catch a bat from time to time.

Anyway, as a lifelong resident of the Tarrytowns, I just wanted to say thank you for helping to preserve another one of our most valued treasures.

Dave & Janie Rosafort

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