Cortlandt Supervisor Puglisi Responds to Supervisor Candidate’s Letter

Cortlandt Supervisor Linda Puglisi

I am responding to the letter posted by a candidate for Cortlandt Town Supervisor, Laurie Ryan.

Here are the facts:

  1. Town Hall has always been open to the public even at the height of the pandemic.  Anyone who wishes to come to Town Hall for any Town business has been able to do so.  In fact, we are able to more efficiently assist the public by making appointments with the appropriate staff member.
  2. Town Meetings are NOT closed.  All Town meetings are being held via zoom to be in compliance with the Governor’s Executive Order #202.101.  The meetings are advertised on the Town of Cortlandt website and anyone who would like to attend or speak can do so.  In addition, all of the voting meetings are recorded and available on the Town website for you to view.The majority of the Towns and Villages in the area are conducting work sessions and board meetings in the same manner including Westchester County Government.  The meetings have been better attended than ever before due to the availability and convenience of the meetings on zoom.  It was also brought to my attention that Ms. Ryan’s School Board Meetings are also being held via Zoom, as well.  Ms. Ryan has not been seen at any of our Town Board meetings in person nor via Zoom.
  3. The voices of our residents are always heard whether they do so in person, at a Zoom meeting or via written correspondence.  We are an open government to all no matter how a resident wishes to contact us and have always been during my years as Town Supervisor and we will continue to do so.

Since the beginning of the pandemic the sole goal of this administration was to continue to provide excellent services to our community, keep our residents safe and ensure that our employees have a safe work environment.

I am retiring at the end of 2021 but felt it was important to state the facts to our community.

Ms. Ryan is correct with her comment that “our town is wonderful and family oriented.” I have been very proud to serve as Town Supervisor for thirty years to achieve those goals.


Thank you.

Supervisor Linda D. Puglisi
Town of Cortlandt


  1. Linda you have always been approachable and understanding. The TOC will miss you and your leadership. Wishing you all the best

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