Letter to the Editor: Time to Re-Open Cortlandt Town Hall

Laurie Ryan

A Heartfelt Hello to Our Cortlandt Friends.

It is with great pride and enthusiasm that I write to you. I am Laurie Ryan, a Cortlandt Manor resident of 25 years who will work hard for your support to be your next Town of Cortlandt Supervisor and even harder when elected.

My husband Rich and I have three bright and beautiful children and have thoroughly loved living in our wonderful family-oriented town. I am the Math Department Chairperson in a Westchester public highschool and a Hendrick Hudson Board of Education Trustee.

Both positions have provided me years of experience in leadership, management, finance, strategic planning, communication, negotiations, cooperation, collaboration, and patience (and that’s not just the mom and wife part!).

I am very proud to introduce my running mates, your candidates for office in the upcoming November election: Tom Walsh and Warren Smith for Town Board, Peter Marengo for Receiver of Taxes, Kylie Fitzgerald-Bernard for Town Clerk and Robert Chapnick for Town Justice. We are fully endorsed by the Republican and Conservative Committees. I know you are looking forward to hearing from them as well.

Our goals are actually quite simple and I am confident we all want the same things – keeping our families healthy, happy and safe; keeping Cortlandt safe and beautiful; minimizing our taxes; encouraging intelligent economic growth and development without overwhelming our towns; protect our environment; supporting our first responders including law enforcement and fire departments; honoring our veterans; promoting good citizenship; working with local, state and federal agencies to manage the closing of Indian Point; paving the roads and keeping the power on! And, of course, transparency.

There is no science based evidence to continue to hold closed town meetings. We must reopen the Town Hall, open the meetings to the public, and let the People back in so their voices may be heard.

As a group of new and dynamic candidates, our mission is to reinvigorate a safe, beautiful and prosperous Cortlandt. Our vision is to instill pride and confidence in our local government.

We will accomplish our mission and reach our goals by actively listening to our residents; working with all of our town, village and hamlet organizations (who do an amazing job); consulting with experts within our own community and within our town departments; brainstorming on effective and realistic solutions; and developing and implementing prudent policies and procedures in a well-informed decisive manner in order to allow our community to prosper and thrive.

I will work hard for you and for this community. To the Town of Cortlandt Departments and governance teams in place, the job of a leader is to make sure the people who work with you are respected and heard and to ensure you have the tools you need to be successful. I know no other way.

A New Vision. A New Team. A Better Cortlandt. We are CORTLANDT UNITED and we look forward to meeting with you!

Laurie Ryan

Instagram: laurieryan4supervisor.com
Facebook: Laurie Ryan for Town of Cortlandt Supervisor
Websites: ryanforcortlandtsupervisor.com, cortlandtunited.town

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