Op-Ed: Indian Point to Benefit Hudson Valley Communities with New Jobs, New Opportunities 

Holtec’s Krishna P. Singh Technology Campus, in Camden, N.J., houses engineering, manufacturing, and other operations.

For nearly 60 years, Indian Point has generated power for millions of homes and businesses in Westchester County and New York City.  

For millions of travelers on area roadways, the facility itself has been a landmark. Its two massive, 200-foot-high concrete and steel domes signaled for many that they were nearly at work, and for others that they were nearly home. 

With Indian Point’s permanent shutdown set to occur by April 30, attention is turning to the post-shutdown dismantling of the nuclear power plant, the removal of the enormous domes on the Hudson River, along with dozens of other buildings, followed by the potential for a rebirth and re-use of the land bringing new jobs and new tax revenue. 

In 2019, Entergy, the current owner, announced plans to transfer Indian Point post-shutdown, along with a trust fund set aside to decommission the facility, to a firm that specializes in the dismantling of nuclear power plants.  

According to federal law, an owner of a commercial nuclear power plant has up to 60 years to complete the dismantling and remediation of the site, which is referred to as “decommissioning.” 

Fortunately, we do not have to wait that long. 

Holtec International, headquartered in New Jersey, has committed to start the decommissioning process immediately upon taking ownership of the facility, completing the work in just 12 to 15 years.  

This is more than 40 years sooner than if Entergy continued to own Indian Point. The potential for redevelopment of the property, new jobs and new tax revenue will be greatly enhanced should the transaction take place. 

Holtec is the world’s leading expert in the safe handling and storage of used nuclear fuel. Holtec and their partner company teams have a combined more than 50 years of experience in decommissioning work, nuclear fuel handling, and site remediation.  

The federal government has already approved Holtec’s acquisition of three nuclear power plants for decommissioning – one in New Jersey, another in Massachusetts, and Indian Point. In its decisions approving those transfers, the U.S. NRC [Nuclear Regulatory Commission] determined that Holtec has the financial and technical expertise required to safely decommission those facilities. 

Additionally, Holtec has committed to utilizing skilled union labor for decommissioning at its plants, including Indian Point. 

Holtec has signed national labor agreements with the Laborers International Union of North America, the International Union of Operating Engineers and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. 

The national office of each union will identify the appropriate local union hall near Indian Point that will perform the work, helping to support local good paying jobs for decommissioning. 

Also, Holtec has agreed to honor existing collective bargaining agreements for the employees at Indian Point who will transfer to Holtec’s team to work on decommissioning. 

Indian Point has served the community well for decades, with abundant electricity and good-paying jobs. As Indian Point enters a new phase, Holtec commits to completing the decommissioning and remediation of the site safely and promptly.  

Holtec looks forward to building on the relationships it has already made in the community with local elected officials, labor leaders and others. Together, we can create a new future for Indian Point that will benefit the community with new jobs and new opportunities. 

Joseph Delmar, Senior Director of Government Affairs & Communications, Holtec International  and Patrick O’Brien, Manager of Government Affairs & Communications, Holtec International 


  1. Please, readers should educate themselves about the background of this company Holtec. The New York State Attorney General’s office has filed an important court petition to protect the financial interest of New York state residents. ““It is essential that the decommissioning of Indian Point be safe, rapid, and complete,” said Attorney General James. “Putting the decommissioning of Indian Point in the hands of a company with no experience and uncertain financial resources is very risky. I am committed to ensuring that New York is granted full participation in this application proceeding and all other decision-making related to Indian Point’s decommissioning.” We need a reputable and responsible company to do the decommissioning! Here is a link: https://ag.ny.gov/press-release/2020/ag-james-takes-action-ensure-safe-rapid-and-complete-dismantling-indian-point

  2. Holtec is an ever-morphing conglomeration of company structures made up of more shells than a beach. With absolutely zero experience in decommissioning a single nuclear power plant, Holtec is making a grab to decommission a whole “fleet” of reactors and wants to do it really fast. What could possibly go wrong?

    And should a real problem arise at the site, Holtec’s assemblage of shells will go out with the proverbial tide and NY taxpayers will be left with a real mess.

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