On Main Street

As a frequent stroller, resident and practitioner in Tarrytown, I am writing to lament two recent losses to the face and character of the "left bank of Tarrytown" —our Main Street, so emblematic of the rivertowns.

Specifically, two gaping empty retail spaces — the Tarrytown Antiques Centre and Michael Christopher’s. My limited information is that the building owners wanted them out — raising the rent outrageously in one case, and causing eviction in the other. My observation has been that residents and out-of-towners come to Tarrytown for the antiquing — more than for the variety of eateries, and beyond that is the funky, artsy charm of our left bank. The loss of these two long-term friendly establishments is great. I don’t know what will replace them, but let’s not become an over-gentrified Scarsdale, pricing out everyone but the bourgeois elite.

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