Letter to the Editor: Why I’m Supporting Evelyn Farkas

To the Editor,

Evelyn Farkas

A few weeks ago, I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Evelyn Farkas, a candidate for the Democratic nomination in the 17th Congressional District, the seat from which Nita Lowey will retire in January. There is no doubt that Evelyn is far and away the superior candidate in the crowded field vying for the opportunity to represent you in Washington.

While she is extremely bright and personable, and tends toward the moderate pole of the Democratic political spectrum, the thing that distinguishes Evelyn from each one of her opponents is her experience. She’s been there! She’s done that!

Evelyn served as an aide and advisor to several U.S. Senators and completed a tour as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense under President Obama. So she knows Washington. She knows how things work and how to get things done. She knows many of the people who will be in the Congress and Administration next year and just who to call for whatever objective she might wish to pursue.

Regardless of who wins the presidency in November, the next Congress will face extraordinary challenges. And we can’t afford to have a representative who will have to spend the first several months in on-the-job training. Because of her experience, Evelyn will hit the ground running and she’ll be there, working hard for you when any of her opponents would still be trying to figure out how to get to their offices and where the rest rooms are.

Check out her website at www.evelynforny.com. And if you agree that she is exactly the right person for this position, you might want to send her a couple of bucks to ensure her message gets out to the whole district. And, of course, cast your ballot for Evelyn Farkas on June 23.

Joel E. Gingold


  1. Unfortunately after watching her talk on Cable Shows and then reading her closed door ” under oath” testimony a fair conclusion could be that she struggles telling the truth. Can’t we do better?

    1. Totally agree and I have no idea what this article is supposed to convey other than ‘she is better now’.

  2. phil m – it seems you are misinformed, my friend – Evelyn never misled anyone, unless you believe Trump and his
    lackeys at Fox that there was no Russian interference….in which case I have a bridge to sell you.

    1. So Jay, you pull out the “Trump lackeys” comment? Did you not actually review her testimony that she gave under oath or do you just choose to be ignorant? You can still support her but facts are facts.

    2. She misled the government until she was under OATH and told Trey Gowdy she knew NOTHING about the Trump/ Russia situation all the while accusing the administration of collusion!! She’s a LIAR and we’re all finding out just how much of a LIAR she is.

    3. In Jay’s warped world, anyone who disagrees with Evie is a Trump supporter or a RUSSIAN BOT.

      Never mind Evie lied through her teeth and supported policies that endangered the National Security of this nation.

      Heck, Jay can’t even comprehend real facts. That it WAS OBAMA, NOT TRUMP colluding with the Russians and allowing them to interfere with our election just as he tried to interfere with the 2016 elections in Israel.

      Can’t fix stupid, Jay…better get beyond the TDS and try learning some things.

      1. Alan,
        Don’t you understand that the Republicans are scared of Evelyn, and cooking up plots and smears to try to keep her from getting to Congress? That and/or Trump is trying to distract from his botched pandemic efforts with invented conspiracies. Let me guess: You also believe “Obama wiretapped Trump”?
        If anything, we should all push all the harder for Evelyn to get to Congress–to bring accountability to Trump and his cronies.

  3. Evelyn is the quintessential liar and political puppet who would say whatever she thinks others wants to hear and so is the worst possible candidate for the people who she would purport to represent. A liar and perverting the course of justice to appease her masters and retain her paid TV roles would appear to be the pig with the snout in the trough attitude which she has blatantly shown time and again. S terrible human being and immoral and as corrupt as they come so a perfect politician really.

  4. Joel E. Gingold,

    Are you truly this stupid.

    Hillel once said, if you are not for your own, then how could you ever be for others.

    Evie was never for America nor for the Jewish people. But she sure was for Obama and an increasingly anti-Semitic Democratic Party, and she constantly lied for them.

    In her 8 years serving Jeremiah Wright’s favorite nephew, she never said a contrary word about an Iran Deal that not only left nuclear reactors intact, but in the long run endangered both this country and Israel.

    She never questioned or voiced concern about OBAMA’S – NOT TRUMP’S – APPEASEMENT OF PUTIN, remaining stone silent even when Obama gave Putin the green light to bomb kids in the Ukraine and Syria. And at the same time while her beloved Obama threw Israel under the bus at the UN, little girl Evie said not a word.

    But she sure is quick to denounce those as TRUMP SUPPORTERS OR RUSSIAN BOTS THOSE OF US WHO HAVE CALLED HER OUT FOR HER LIES, for her support of Obama undermining the Constitution and our National Security.

    Morally, Ethically and TOTALLY unfit to be a U.S. Congresswoman. Only qualification she has is that she is a habitual liar and a partisan hack to the degree her self-loathing clouds her self-respect and common sense.
    But hey, she would make a great envoy to Putin – or to Obama’s other pals, the Ayatollahs…and no doubt he would approve.

    1. I could not agree with you more, she’s totally unfit for Congress and her dishonesty and past bad acts should immediately disqualify her.

  5. If experience is lying through her teeth while under oath and undermining our National Security in favor of Putin and the Ayatollahs than Evelyn’s your gal.

    Personally, not mine. We can do much better than a self-loathing, self-server who puts Obama and the Democratic Party above country and people.

    An American. Not a Democrat.

  6. Farkas has admitted that she lied about the Russian collusion and only because her sworn testimony was released, not before. Her Twitter profile still claims she was the first to sound the alarm on Trump Russian collusion so she’s still perpetuating that lie. This all points to her lack of character and this is very concerning.

  7. I absolutely cannot believe the comments that have been stated here. I have read the witch hunt that Trey Gowdy and the other Representative conducted on her. I only hope that she wins the seat and is able to conduct a thorough investigation of the SWAMP which may involve Trey Gowdy involvement in trying to SILENCE her. Ambassador Farkas did NOT Admit to lying about a Russian collusion. If anyone had read the Mueller report, it would become quite obvious that it was incomplete. We need FINANCIALS and then we would have the FULL picture of how trump is compromised.

  8. Farkas is a habitual liar who accepts endless amounts of donations from Republicans. When called out on it she blocks people on social media. Zero transparency. It wasn’t until the Huff Post article that she decided to return one of the smaller donations. Even her endorsements are disturbing. I don’t want a candidate or anyone in office who accepts fossil fuel money. She is shady at best. Her TV ads are a joke. Being hated by FOX news isn’t a qualification for Congress. We can do better.

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