Letter to the Editor: Praise for Drew Fixell

Running a government looks easy when it’s well run. But, it takes lots of work and good talent. Tarrytown has been fortunate to have been served by a hard working, exceptionally talented and dedicated public servant, Drew Fixell who made governing look easy.  He deserves the thanks of residents of the village, the town and surrounding areas for his service and for his significant accomplishments. Thanks to Drew Tarrytown is a much better place and a desirable place to live and work.

Forbes Magazine named Tarrytown (a village within the town) one of “America’s 10 prettiest towns” in 2012. Westchester Magazine said that the Central Village of Tarrytown is one of the best places in the county to live. “Tarrytown offers abundant river views, a walkable village center dotted with boutiques and cafes, a 35 minute express train to Manhattan, a short walk to a new waterfront developments, and the Hudson RiverWalk park.”
Under Mayor Fixell’s tenure the village built a new village hall, a beautiful outdoor pool, a senior center, rec center. 3 new parks.  Mayor Fixell worked with the Thruway Authority -helping with the transition from the old Tappan Zee bridge to the new Mario Cuomo bridge and bicycle/pedestrian pathways. Mayor Fixell also served as the head of the Westchester Municipal Officials Association–helping other local government officials talk to each other so we could successfully  address problems and learn from each other.  Drew was one of the most respected officials in the county -and his advice and comments have always been appreciated by local officials. His advice helped many other municipalities in Westchester.
The village is better today than it was before Mayor Fixell assumed office. We owe Drew our thanks for his years of dedicated service.
Greenburgh Town Supervisor

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