Letter to the Editor: How Far-Left Are You?

Editor: River Journal

Evelyn Farkas

So, the latest poll shows Mondaire Jones in front of Evelyn Farkas and Adam Schleifler, who are tied for second.

Let’s get real. How far-left are you? Do you support abolishing all college debt, or should we take reasonable steps to provide debt relief while working to make public college more affordable? Do you want to blow up Obamacare and substitute “Medicare for All,” or do you want to strengthen the current healthcare system while also immediately providing a robust public option that would compete with employer based plans and allow for a gradual transition to a single payer system?

Do you support the extreme “my way or the highway” approach of Alexandra Ocassio-Cortez and her “Squad” that has not seen a single piece of legislation become law?

We need someone who knows how to navigate Congress in order to deliver federal funds to the district to help our economy recover — not someone who will stand on the sidelines with Bernie Sanders and throw rhetorical bombs. Evelyn Farkas is the only Democratic candidate running for CD17 that can do that.

Marianna Stout
Peekskill, NY 10566

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