Letter to the Editor: Greenburgh Offers Safety Reflectors

Photo by Moises Besada:

Every night when I drive home I see pedestrians in dark clothing walking.  It’s difficult to see them from a car if it is dark outside and the pedestrian is not wearing bright clothing, using a flashlight or wearing a reflector.

A few years ago Greenburgh experienced nine pedestrian accidents within a few weeks- including fatalities.

We want you to be safe.  The town of Greenburgh has ordered free slap bracelet reflectors which we are distributing at the Greenburgh Town Hall, Greenburgh Public Library library, AF Veterans Park multipurpose center and Theodore Young Community Center. They are being placed in the lobby of the building. When we get more reflectors we will expand the locations they are being distributed at.

If you enjoy walking at night remember to practice safety at all times and make sure you are easily visible. The ability of drivers to see pedestrians is improved when one wears a reflector, uses flashlights and bright clothing.

Paul Feiner
Greenburgh Town Supervisor

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