Letter to the Editor: Catherine Borgia’s Deceit Shames Us All

Dear Sir/Madam:

If the purpose of speech is to communicate, why then should someone say that which is not true? It is disturbing enough that we see our officials in Washington create fiction to divide our Country. It is intolerable that our Legislator Catherine Borgia practices deceit on a local level. The Westchester County Fair Campaign Practices Committee has issued a violation against Democrat County Legislator Catherine Borgia for falsely misleading the public on alleged statements made by her Republican opponent Robert Outhouse. Sound familiar?

There is no excuse, nor room for Ms. Borgia to stain the electoral process by creating falsehoods and misleading her constituents to win an election. The public is tired of this rhetoric. It is further disappointing that such egregious conduct is condoned by her party without recourse.

Ms. Borgia should apologize for her tactics against Robert Outhouse, and to all of the citizens of the Westchester Countys Ninth District. Her party should demand it as well. If you believe this nonsensical behavior should stop, stand up and demand Ms. Borgia recant. If you believe we deserve better, then your vote in November counts to remove an official who treats us like Yahoos. Don’t remain quiet anymore. It’s time to rise up Westchester. Vote for truth from our leaders rather than being misled from their greed to sustain power.

The Ninth District should send a clear message in November to Ms. Borgia. Deceit by fear tactics will no longer be tolerated.
Very truly yours,
Stephen P. Dewey
Ossining Town Republican Committee

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