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There are many who believe that Thanksgiving is the most special holiday of the lot. I happen to agree with them. A time (supposedly) of abundance, in food and friendship, marked by gatherings large and small that center around one meal. Opening one’s home or excursions to friends, relatives, restaurants; purchasing and preparing a multitude of main courses, side dishes and desserts; breaking out the finest in setting the table – all go into making the late November day rich beyond currency.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving we offer this issue. Our contributing writers have brought to the table an eclectic variety of stories.

imagesIn addition we have asked them to attend to the tapestry of ages displayed in our river communities. So from the young to the middle-of-the-road, and last but far from least, our elders, we say Happy Thanksgiving through the written word.

A special acknowledgement is also sent to those who may be infirm or have suffered a significant loss of late.

We ask that they seek the support of family and friends and that the community reach out to them as well. Thanks and giving, giving and thanks, makes a special day all around.

Robert Bonvento,

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