Letter to the Editor: ‘Strong Fiscal Management in Cortlandt?’

Without pointing any fingers, I wish to air my thoughts about how the town is being managed.
I have lived in Cortlandt for 37 years and have gradually seen the condition of the roads and the lack of maintenance on trees decline.
I understand there are not enough employees to keep up with the necessary work. Perhaps this is why taxes have not increased more.
At what point will the roads and trees be attended to, before they truly overwhelm our infrastructure?
I have asked many times for roads to be repaired, broken guardrails to be replaced and trees to be cleared from both the sides and the top of roads. Sometimes small repairs are done, but generally it only gets worse. Who will change the way these issues are approached in the town? The present administration is not doing it.
Vote Laurie Ryan and the Cortlandt United Team on November 2.
Michele Croft
Cortlandt Manor

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