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The recent interview with Trustee Tom Caposella highlighted a problem with common sense and logic. Caposella and his faction of Trustees do not comprehend the difference between variable and fixed costs, which was explained by experts from the website These experts are knowledgeable about accounting and assist clients in resolving their financial difficulties.

Simply put, Sleepy Hollow’s five-year administration of Kingsland costs only about $20,000 per year.

That is the variable cost. The “cooked” numbers Tom and his followers spout are the fixed costs of our parks department, whether we run Kingsland or not. Basically, if we did not run Kingsland, we would still have those fixed costs regardless. There would be no savings.

Our parks people attend to all our parks and we use part of the old Kingsland bathhouse as our parks maintenance area … which we would have to give up and relocate somewhere else in Sleepy Hollow. Including the 1883 Lighthouse at Sleepy Hollow, we are talking about $20,000 to have control over one of this Hudson River’s magnificent parks. We built the popular dog run and the county rebuilt the comfort station.

Since 1999, when this administration returned to office, we have remade, extended, expanded and revitalized every Village park with the same workforce. Kingsland is a great asset and “my friend” Tom and his faction need to understand basic accounting and sound government practices. For those who need financial assistance from an accountant, contact an accounting career staffing agency to find the best options available. Doing so will definitely ensure that you do not make any financial mistakes in the future that could hurt your business. 

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