As the World Turns

Bruce Apar is editor + associate publisher of River Journal North.

There is no room for objectivity in art. The whole point of it is to express the artist’s wholly subjective view of the world, and for the audience to interpret that art any which way it wishes. There is no wrong or right interpretation.  
So it is with our cover art this issue, courtesy of award-winning photographer Margaret, Fox.  
Where one might see simply the exquisite quality of life synonymous with Hudson Valley’s River Towns, another might feel a wave of sunny optimism, as summer beckons and a sequestered society shakes off its cobwebs, seeking a beacon that points our economy upstream of where it has treaded water for too many moons.   
First, a fast-spreading, deadly pandemic separates us from each other … and from places of work … and from public places.  
Then, just as daylight starts to peek through, signaling a return to our regularly-scheduled lives, profoundly resonant protests of unprecedented persistence demand equal justice and protection for all — regardless of race, creed or color — as a clarion alarm is sounded throughout the country, and the world: Things. Must. Turn.   
A virus that blindsided the world pushes us apart, then a devastating video goes viral to spark global activism of historic proportions that emboldens disparate factions in defiant shows of solidarity.  
Wherever one stands — however one interprets and reacts to this turn of events — doesn’t change the inescapable reality that we have reached a turning point, if not a breaking point.  
A time for peace? Let’s hope it’s not too late. 

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