Greenburgh Creates GoFundMe for Police Dispatcher Who Died of Covid

Frank Cavaliere Photo Credit: McHoul Funeral Home, Inc.

The Town of Greenburgh has created a GoFundMe page to support the children of Frank Cavaliere. Frank was a dedicated and well-liked Greenburgh Police dispatcher for almost 29 years. He passed away on February 5, 2022 due to Covid.

Because of the overwhelming number of department members out sick due to the Omicron variant of Covid-19, Dispatcher Cavaliere filled in for an additional 8 tours between December 25th and 31st, for a total of 57.25 extra hours in overtime. During this time dispatcher Cavaliere was exposed to employees who had subsequently tested positive for Covid-19.

Frank has two children, his daughter Ashley (14) and son Zackary (11). He loved listening to Ashley sing and play keyboard, and he loved playing and watching football with Zackary. On his days off from work he would do Bible study with his family. Frank loved God with all of his heart. The last text Frank sent to his wife before being placed on the ventilator read: “Remember how the true God works. James 1:16-18 and John 1:13.” Funds raised will be used to support the children. His wife Lisa will oversee the donations to make sure that every dollar raised will be put to good use for them, and to help pay for future education expenses.

Frank was a dedicated public servant. As a police dispatcher he made sure that those who needed services of our Greenburgh police department received them. His efforts saved many lives. He was always available to help the police when they needed his assistance – in the two weeks before becoming ill with Covid he worked well over 100 hours, pulling double shifts most days, and sometimes averaging only four hours of sleep. He lived an hour away from work. But, always put the town and our residents first.

On December 31st he returned home from work and was coughing violently. He was admitted into the hospital on January 8th, and placed on a ventilator on January 23rd. His kidneys failed on January 25th, and on February 5th at 9:30pm, he entered the kingdom of Heaven.

Frank always put others first. He put his own life at risk to work during this pandemic. He took calls from others who were affected by Covid who may have survived the virus that ultimately took his life. He did so to support his children and to make sure all their needs were met. He is no longer here to do this. Please show your appreciation by making a donation to Frank’s family so his children can have a good life. We also hope that his family (wife and children) will be comforted knowing how much Frank meant to the Greenburgh community.¬†


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