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Current Priorities and a Look Ahead
We asked the Village Managers of Sleepy Hollow, Tarrytown, Briarcliff Manor and the Town Supervisor of Ossining to address recently completed projects, current priorities and challenges and 2020 initiatives.

Tell us about current projects either recently completed or ongoing where Village government has placed their attention this year.  

Comprehensive Plan Implementation – Work on updating the Village’s Comprehensive Plan has been completed. The next phase is starting to implement recommendations made in the plan. This will include potential zoning amendments, capital improvements, parking, traffic etc.  

East Parcel Redevelopment – Site work on redeveloping the East Parcel will continue. This past year, a new water line and sewer line were installed. Preparing the site for a new Department of Public Works garage is the next phase of the project.  

Devries Park and Pocantico River Improvements – The Village received grants to address invasive species, shoreline stabilization, natural buffers, trails and park improvements along the Pocantico River. This work will start in 2020. 

What are some of the challenges facing your Village in terms of growth, parking, available housing, village basic services, etc.? 

Preparing for the impact of the Edge-on-Hudson project will be one challenge that the Village will face this upcoming year. Residents will be moving in soon and they will require additional services. Such things as traffic and impact on the downtown will also need to be addressed.    

The Village Board will have budgetary challenges this upcoming year. Keeping taxes down while improving an aging infrastructure will be difficult.    

The Village will continue its efforts to address illegal housing, affordable housing and improving the downtown business district.   

Name an area or issue where a coordinated effort is needed within your Village. If appropriate, please explain how residents can get involved. 

The Village is always interested in anyone looking to get involved. There are village boards, events, and activities that need volunteers. Anyone interested to learn more can contact me directly. Any participation is appreciated, even if it’s just to help on clean-up day or our cultural festival. An area where we can especially use volunteers is with our emergency services. We have an incredible fire department and ambulance corps, but they are both in need of volunteers to help sustain the high quality of service they provide. 

What projects are you focusing on for 2020? 

The Edge on Hudson project has picked up. Buildings on phase one are being constructed and site work for phase two is near completion. We expect work to start on phase three next year. An important aspect of this project is the parkland that will be dedicated to the Village. The Public Space Committee is working with the developer to help design a worldclass waterfront park that will completely transform the riverfront. 

Village projects include new sidewalks and an ADA traffic signal on Beekman Avenue, Fremont Pond improvements, water infrastructure improvements, East Parcel site work, Irving Island improvements and plans to repair the bulkhead at Ichabod’s Landing. We are also planning to re-pave areas of Webber Park affected by the Con Edison Gas Line Replacement Project.  

Any other village-related topic you’d like your residents to know about.  

Next year we will continue celebrating the 200th anniversary of the first publication of Washington Irving’s “Legend of Sleepy Hollow.” The Villages of Sleepy Hollow and Tarrytown, together with a number of partner organizations, have helped organize a number of events this past year including the Irving Birthday Celebration, Lit-Fest, a film festival, and “Everyone’s Reading the Legend.” Next year’s plans include an Academic Conference, Westchester Knicks Day, An Irving Themed Circus, and additional festivals.   

Next year is also the census. We need all of our residents to participate to assure an accurate count. Many funding opportunities such as sales tax and grants are based on population. Having an accurate number also helps the Village plan for the future. Information about how to participate will be sent out by mail in early 2020. All specific information will remain confidential. 

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