Local Authors, Local Books: Ah, Sweet (and Sour) Mystery of Life 

‘A little controversy brings spice to the golden years.’ – Author Richard Roos

I’m a lifelong resident of Westchester County with a long career in youth services, going back to the ‘70s as Director of Yonkers Neighborhood Youth Corps. I enjoy travel, reading, golf, and gardening, and hope to become active in the Hudson River boating scene, now that my wife Carolyn and I have moved to Tarrytown from Yonkers 

In a short time, we have fallen in love with the laid back, friendly, small town atmosphere of the River Towns. 

The murder of a highly respected Westchester psychotherapist leads to a coverup involving corrupt politicians, mobsters, and police, that in turn leads to more murders. Available at booksellers.

I’ve enjoyed mystery novels from Chandler and Macdonald to Grafton, Kellerman, Connelly, and Cornwall, to name just a few. My novel Death in Westchester (2nd Edition) was written more as a parting gift to friends and family, a sort of intellectual photo album, rather than a money-making enterprise. 


This freed me up to extend the traditional mystery novel in a variety of ways that breaks all the  rules, and will no doubt be considered dubious at best, and controversial at least.  

Yet, when you’re my age, and been around the block too often to count, a little controversy brings a touch of joy and a sprinkle of spice to the golden years. 

The word Death in the title involves a broad exploration of our earthbound, time-engulfed existence, and probes that ancient scandal of humanity — the inevitable passing away of all things. 

The reader will encounter various characters’ reactions to psychological, spiritual, cultural, and moral death. Against the backdrop of today’s cultural conflicts and madness, the novel’s chief protagonist reaffirms the values of love and life over those of hatred and death.  

Thomas Mann‘s novel, Death in Venice, lingers in the background, and his main character makes a ghostly appearance in my novel.


  1. I read the book, the mystery and romance was intriguing. I loved it. I grew up in Westchester and was familiar with all the landmarks in the book. Highly recommend it.

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