A Special Message from the Music Hall Board Chairman

Mark Franzoso

Dear Music Hall Patron,

As a successful business owner for 40 years, I know everyone is hurting right now, but I also know that there has never been a more important time to support the arts in our community. The investment we make today will give us a greater chance to emerge from this economic crisis bigger, better, and stronger.

As the Chairman of the Board, I am deeply concerned about The Tarrytown Music Hall, our staff, our volunteers, our patrons, the local businesses that support us, and the artists and performers who entertain us. No one is more disappointed than I am that we had to close and cancel all of our performances until further notice. I could never have imagined this happening in my first month as Board Chairman.

Though difficult to make, the decision to close was the right one to do our part to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus, but the consequences are far reaching. In addition to our concern for the well-being of each and every resident, we are equally concerned about the financial impact on our operations and our future.

While the curtain has come down on the Tarrytown Music Hall, and our stage is dark, we believe and hope that our closure is temporary. Rest assured, I will do everything I can so we can sing, dance, and laugh again in Westchester County’s most iconic and historic entertainment venue.

Even in the best of times, we rely on the generosity and support of the community to serve 90,000 patrons every year, including tens of thousands of children who visit the Hall—for many, it’s their first time in an entertainment venue and an experience they remember for a lifetime.

In these uncertain times, we fully recognize that you may not be in position to help right now. But if you can help, please consider converting refunds to canceled events into a tax deductible donation to keep The Music Hall functioning during this most difficult time. Or, purchase tickets to future shows with our assurance that if a show is cancelled due to the Corona-emergency, or ANY reason, we will gladly offer you a full refund. We really could use your support more than ever right now to give us a greater chance of surviving this most difficult challenge.

We know we are not alone; others are facing perhaps the biggest hurdle in their lives. We are part of the greater Tarrytown community and our community is part of us. When an economic engine like ours shuts down, it has a ripple effect through the community. That’s why I also encourage you to continue to support our local restaurants and businesses—they need your help, too. As for our performers, maybe you can buy their latest CD online, or access their respective websites and order some merchandise. Every purchase helps.

The curtain will rise again, but only if we stay strong, stay connected, and stay focused. Your generosity and support are greatly appreciated. Stay healthy and safe until we see each other again.

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