Celebration of Gratitude: Sleepy Hollow Cultural Festival Community Art Exhibit

Photo by Kersten Harries

As part of the recent Sleepy Hollow Cultural Festival, the organizers invited artists and community members to submit pieces of their art or creative work that embodies, reflects, or answers the question, “What are you grateful for?” According to the organizers, “acknowledging what we are grateful for fosters a focus on the positive that already exists and encourages us to believe an even better future can be manifested.”

The resulting exhibit of selected works is an opportunity to collectively share and celebrate the moments, experiences, people, and things that enrich our lives in a positive way; to provide inspiration and fuel hope.

The exhibit was displayed at the Kingsland Point Park’s historic bathhouse (now Kathryn W. Davis RiverWalk Center) in Sleepy Hollow during the Cultural Festival on September 17. Selected works will be displayed during the RiverArts Open Studio tour on November 5th and 6th at the Sleepy Hollow Senior Center.

If interested in purchasing any art shown within the exhibit, the artists can be contacted directly via email (available at the exhibit).


Ann Lasusa
Arianna Hoover Lluesma
Catherine Trapasso
Cécile Roberfroid
Deena La Motta
Elizabeth Naughton
Elizabeth Tucker
Jane Hart
Jeff White
Jeffrey Friedkin
Joseph Sinapi
Leslie Camilleri
Lynn Brady
Maggie Limburg
Mariet Van Der Heide
Martin Munroe
Melissa Lohman-Wild
Sheila Benedis
Shelley Robinson
Susie Brubaker

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  1. It was wonderful to meet other members of the Sleepy Hollow Community and read the amazing and enlightening gratitude essays. I have been invited to offer a mosaic workshop in 2023 at Kendall to introduce people to the limitless world of mixed media in glass, porcelain, paint, beads, pebbles. It was a great day with fascinating conversations with viewers and other artists

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