City of Peekskill Adopts Budget for 2023

The Peekskill Common Council voted to adopt the budget for 2023 at its council meeting held on Nov 14. The 2023 budget was adopted after presentations were made by all departments and after a public hearing was held for comments.

“I am thrilled that we have adopted our budget for the 2023 year and would like to thank our City Manager, City Comptroller, and all of our department heads for putting together a comprehensive budget for the 2023 year,” said Mayor Vivian McKenzie. “The City is in great shape for the year ahead, and we look forward to continuing to provide the best level of services for our community.”

The City of Peekskill 2023 budget process was coordinated by City Manager Matt Alexander and Comptroller Toni Tracy, with collaboration from the City’s department heads. The budget for 2023 is within the New York State 2% tax cap and will have a tax increase of 0.52%, or $1.50 per $1,000 assessed in value. As part of the budget process for 2023, a five-year capital plan was reviewed and adopted by the Common Council, which lists projects considered as priorities in the coming year not funded until approved individually by the Council.

The anticipated projects for 2023 include facilities improvements for the Paramount Hudson Valley Theater, Neighborhood Center, and the Youth Bureau, park facilities improvements at Depew Park, vehicle replacements, and water and sewer projects.

The City also aims to increase employment by adding 18 positions in the following departments: Planning DPW, Building Maintenance, Police, Fire, and Assessor. The addition of these positions will allow for the City to continue to provide quality services, address any quality-of-life issues, and meet the community’s needs.

The 2023 budget passed with six “yes” votes and one abstention. The one abstention was made in regards to whether the Room Occupancy Tax was being properly used. An analysis of past taxes received and funds expended showed that it was handled appropriately.

For more information and to view the budget for 2023, please visit the Finance Department website at


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