Same Game, New Name

What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other word would smell as sweet. — Romeo and Juliet

Although hardly a tragedy, the Irvington Democratic candidates will be running under a different name this March election.

Westchester County, which is managing the Irvington election this year, required that all candidates sign and notarize a certificate of acceptance for their respective political party. Failing to submit the information by the February 1 deadline, Erin Malloy, Nicola Coddington, and John Malone cannot run on the Democratic line. However, this does not exclude them from running in the election. Instead, the three will run on an independent line called Strong Leadership. Arguably, a name change shouldn’t matter, but actions speak louder than words. Is this a forgivable and forgettable act or one that may have already shaken the confidence of many Irvington voters?

"This shouldn’t shake anyone’s confidence," affirmed mayoral candidate Erin Malloy. Malloy noted that it was a mistake, but one that shouldn’t reflect upon the quality of the candidates. "The role of village officer is not to micro-manage — but to determine policy and enact legislation," Malloy added.

Though not placing blame, Erin Malloy does admit that working under the Westchester County guidelines is new and unfamiliar to all of the candidates and that the County offered little help and assistance.

In 2005, when Malloy made her first bid for mayor, the Village of Irvington handled the election. After about nine months of deliberation and controversy, Dennis Flood was declared the victor in an election many felt was grossly mismanaged. To avoid the proverbial rollercoaster that was 2005’s election, Westchester County has taken over the management of this election.

Malloy noted that although the County’s ruling could have been challenged, she would rather just accept the repercussions and move on. "Party affiliation does say a lot about who you are and I’d prefer to have the [Democrat] name, but we made a mistake and we’re dealing with it," she said.

Irvington’s election will be held on Tuesday, March 20 from 7am until 9pm.

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