Irvington’s 2015-2016 Budget

Irvington — 2.5 % Tax Rate Increase
There are no big surprises in Irvington’s 2015-2016  budget. “The tax rate increase is  2.5 %,” says Village Administrator Lawrence Schopfer. “That is compliant with the tax cap. It’s actually almost $183,000 under the tax cap.” The slight increase can almost entirely be attributed to a large increase in  the cost of worker’s compensation  insurance for the Village  and smaller increases in health insurance and debt services.

Since the final budget numbers came in under the tax levy cap, there was no need for a reduction in the Village workforce.  As anyone driving down Main Street knows, the biggest infrastructure project currently underway in Irvington is the  Town Hall Restoration Project.  This $1.6 million project will  continue through the summer,  but is not the only project residents can expect. Like Tarrytown, the Village will be switching all of their lighting to LED lighting, and though the Village Capital Budget had not been completed by the time of this writing, Schopfer has other work he expects to be undertaken.  “I’m expecting there to be paving done this summer and also some drainage and road repair done as a result of the  winter damage,” he says. “We had a pretty tough winter on the roads.”  For their Government Efficiency Plan, Irvington will be  joining the other villages of the  area in a number of cost-saving  moves, such as the already mentioned  LED lighting, turning over the preparation of assessment  rolls to the Town of Greenburgh, and sharing the costs of the Pothole Killer machine with the other villages.  The end result is a Government  Efficiency Plan which is compliant with the requirements of the tax freeze legislation.


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