Female Recording Producer Brings Community to the Koop Studio

From l to r: Sammy Wags, Bianca “Grooves” Mancinelli, Matt Graff

The Koop Studio, a recording studio in Irvington, announced the addition of its first in-house producer, Bianca Mancinelli.  With over fifteen years of music production and songwriting experience, Bianca brings a fresh, cooperative style that focuses on collaboration, respect and play.

As one of the few female music producers in the industry (less than 2% of all music producers are women), Bianca, a longtime resident of Croton on Hudson, recognizes the importance of community building, networking and mentorship. She has always thought of herself as a “connector” and has worked to bring people together in all areas of her life, particularly music. Bianca explains, “As a female songwriter and producer, I’ve experienced the solitude of working alone and have always longed for a musical family. While working with Sammy Wags at The Koop, I experienced the joy of collaboration and after meeting co-owner Matt Graff I felt like I finally found my musical ‘tribe’. I knew then and there that I wanted to join The Koop family of artists.”

Immediately after joining The Koop, Bianca launched a quarterly networking evening intended to promote collaboration and cross-pollination. The studio had just undergone an expansion and was fertile ground for its first public event. These events have already had a long-lasting, positive impact on the many musicians who record at The Koop and have led to numerous successful collaborations. Bianca also wants music production to be more accessible and fun. “Some people think they have to bring in a polished song to be recorded, but in fact, working out the arrangement, instrumentation and direction are all part of the producer’s role.  Recording a song is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences, and I want to create an environment where the artist feels heard and is supported in taking creative risks to realize their vision. My greatest satisfaction comes from being part of that process – experiencing the growth and celebrating the final product.”

Bianca emphasizes that the Koop always keeps the good vibes and creativity flowing. Whether it’s boutique gear or the latest cutting-edge equipment, everything on the menu is always available, so that flow of creativity is never impeded, and the magic can really happen.

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