A Highlight of Great Community Service: Don Marra

While Irvington will soon be welcoming a new group of elected officials, it will shortly afterwards say goodbye to its much-revered Village Administrator, Don Marra.

imagesMarra, who more often than not, went above and beyond his duties as Village Administrator, is an incredible presence throughout the community who will undoubtedly be missed.

In 2001, the former Dobbs Ferry Mayor became Irvington’s Deputy Village Administrator. He served as Deputy until 2004, when he was appointed Irvington Village Administrator. To some, this may seem like a step down to go from one village’s Mayor to another’s Village Administrator. Marra, however, sees it as a proud accomplishment to be elected to one great position and be appointed to another. Although called "Village Administrator," the title does little justice to describe just how strong his involvement in the community truly is.

"Everybody who takes on a position like this sees their role a little bit differently. I’ve always been a strong advocate in being personally involved in different agencies in the Village," he said. One particular agency which he has been very active with is the Irvington Chamber of Commerce. Far more than a Village liaison, he attends regular meetings, makes reports at their breakfast meetings, and is "a phone call away anytime they have a question or plan an event."

Don Marra is also involved in different committees such as the Transportation Committee. Along with the other members, the Committee deals with the neighborhood safety and traffic concerns by meeting with local residents.

To River Journal, Don Marra has been an invaluable source of knowledge and kindness. Always making himself available to address concerns, answer questions, and meet in person just to talk.

Being so involved with the concerns of the community and with several projects and possibilities that await, one has to wonder how difficult it must be to leave. Taxes have gone up, the cost of keeping the current workforce is rising, Bridge Street could be months away from seeing some sort of resolution, and the school population has consistently risen. "No matter what the position, you always leave in the middle of some ongoing important issues," he added. Although not in the capacity of Village Administrator, he does plan on staying on top of Irvington issues and offer assistance when he can.

Just like Irvington, Don Marra’s future is filled with questions and possibilities. He will officially retire in May from the position he’s held for nearly four years and plans on taking a couple of months off. "I know after a few months I’ll be itching to do something new," Marra said with a smile. Ideas of possibly teaching a college-level course or helping different municipalities with special projects are just some of the things that may be on the horizon. "I have a lot more to offer," he noted.

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