Irvington Residents to Speak Out Against North Broadway Rezoning

90 North Broadway, Irvington (Google Earth)

Several Irvington homeowners will urge the Irvington Village board to reject a rezoning proposal that would allow commercial and institutional uses on land currently zoned for single-family residences, when the board meets to consider the proposal on Thursday, February 20 at 7pm, in the Trustees Room in Irvington Village Hall.

The board is expected to vote on the rezoning proposal at the meeting.

Forty Irvington residents have signed a letter asking the Village Board to reject the rezoning or scale it back. The residents believe that, by allowing denser development, the proposal would irrevocably change the ambience and character of the area, increase traffic on already-congested upper Broadway, and allow one of the most open areas of the village to become one of its most densely built.

The rezoning proposal would create a new “North Broadway Mixed-Use District”, allowing senior living facilities, hotels, restaurants, small medical practices, offices, and multi-family residences on approximately 49 acres of land near the north end of the village, east of Broadway.

The letter opposing the rezoning asks that the proposition be rejected altogether, or that it be changed to not allow restaurants in the area and to substantially reduce the allowable size of senior living facilities and hotels. It also asks that multi-family residential development be allowed only in existing historic buildings.

Another letter, stating that many Irvington residents only recently became aware of the proposal, asks the board to postpone action until May. More than seventy (70) residents have so far signed this letter.

The land that is subject to the rezoning proposition includes Abbott House, the Maxon Corporation property, an office building at 90 North Broadway, and two parcels owned by the Unification Church, which also owns the Belvedere estate in Tarrytown. It has been reported that a company with plans to build a 100-unit assisted living facility is in talks to purchase the Maxon property.

For more information or if you are interested in signing the petition, contact Peter Budeiri at

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