Citizen Ann of Croton: A Life Rich in Public Service

Ann Gallelli, Croton’s Most Valuable Player (Photo > Emiljana Ulaj)

[For the obituary of Ann Gallelli, click HERE]

In November 2023, Ann Gallelli, who served the Village of Croton-on-Hudson in a multitude of ways for 37 years, announced her resignation from the Village Board of Trustees for health reasons.

In her decades of devout public service, Ann has brought experience, expertise, and intelligence to her many undertakings. Ann’s legacy is manifest in the fabric of Croton-on-Hudson. from Croton Point Avenue to Croton Landing to Gouveia Park. Generations of residents will benefit from her decades of selfless service.

Among the many projects to which Ann was a major contributor are the Local Waterfront Revitalization Plan that stopped the Millennium Pipeline; acquisition of the property for Croton Landing, and its transformation into a spectacular park; the guidelines for improving Croton’s commercial gateways, including the recent Harmon rezoning that allows mixed use and promotes economic development; and securing federal funding for Croton Point Avenue improvements to upgrade the busiest road in the Village.


Ann brought unparalleled knowledge and understanding of the Village, acquired through 21 years as Village Trustee, 15 years as Chair of the Planning Board, 6 years as Chair of the Comprehensive Plan Committee, and Liaison to the Zoning Board and Croton Seniors, among other committees.

For a total of 10 years, Ann Gallelli served as Deputy Mayor of our Village. In that time, she provided priceless guidance and insight to the Village’s Board and Administration.

From her early involvement in Village life, Ann was part of a citizen movement that led to the establishment of updated zoning laws, new planning guidelines, new environmental laws, and to keeping the waterfront under Village control.

As a founding member of the Local Waterfront Revitalization Committee, she helped write the plan that guides long and short-range planning in the Village and which provided the winning argument in the fight to stop the Millennium Pipeline. As Planning Board Chair, she helped facilitate the acquisition of the property, now Croton Landing under Mayor Bob Elliott, as well as facilitating the strengthening of the Village’s environmental laws.

As Comprehensive Committee Chair (1998-2008), she helped complete the 2003 Comprehensive Plan that established goals and objectives for the future, along with zoning laws, new Gateway Zoning districts for commercially zoned entrances to the Village, and enhanced allowable uses throughout the Village.


As a Trustee, she brought together interested residents to form the Harmon Economic Development Committee, arranged for them to bring their recommendation to the Board, to ultimately see their recommendations be approved. The results are being appreciated today with the revitalized Harmon business area. Ann’s accomplishments have established and set a direction for the Village for years to come.

Ann Gallelli is a recognized regional leader on planning issues.  Ann joined the Westchester Municipal Planning Federation (WMPF) Board in 2003 and served 10 years. She served a 2-year term as President of the Board (2008-2010). She received the President’s Award from WMPF in 2013.

Ann is a supporter of numerous philanthropic and community initiatives. She previously served on the Board of the Croton-Harmon Education Foundation. She was recently awarded an honorary life membership by Croton EMS.

Ann Gallelli graduated from Stanford University in 1964. She is retired from her own textbook-writing business (EduText) and prior work at IBM, in Information Management and Data Recovery.  Ann is married to John Galelli and the mother of two adult children, Carla and John, Jr.

Tributes to Citizen Ann

‘I’m truly grateful to have had Ann Gallelli as a colleague.  Ann always encouraged me to take the long view on policy questions.  It’s because of this guidance that the Village has undertaken a series of comprehensive rezonings to revitalize our community and has put us on the path to double our supply of affordable housing in a few short years.’ — Mayor Brian Pugh (pictured) Photo > Village of Croton

‘Over the last 40 years, Ann was key to everything the Village accomplished. Her experience, institutional knowledge, good humor and thoughtful approach to everything has made Croton the wonderful place to live and work that it is.’ – Past Mayor Robert W. (Bob) Elliott

‘I have had the pleasure of working with Ann for almost 30 years. She has been the institutional memory for so many projects and initiatives in Croton. Ann’s thoroughness over decades is a big reason why Croton has been able to achieve so many great accomplishments. More than anyone else, Ann has been Croton’s quiet, ever-present Most Valuable Player for decades.’ — Past Mayor Leo Wiegman (pictured) Photo > Brian Pugh

‘Ann Gallelli should be our north star when it comes to public service.  Ann is a singular example of diligent, dedicated and dignified leadership. When I was a new Trustee, I would meet with her weekly to learn about our Village government, just one of countless examples of Ann’s tremendous generosity of spirit and willingness to share her wisdom and experience. I am grateful for her vision and her friendship.’ – Past Village Trustee Maria Slippen







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