Cortlandt’s Bucci Coffee Has Fresh Approach to Cold-Brewed Java 

Bucci calls his coffee ‘more nuanced and fruity and less burnt-tasting.’

Need a pick-me-up? Then head over to Cortlandt Manor-based coffee producer Bucci Coffee, which specializes in fair trade, single origin beans, cold brewed. Owner Nik Bucci’s interest in the beverage was inspired by time spent in coffee shops in Italy, U.K. and Australia.  

He fell in love with the beans’ “new flavor profile, much more nuanced and fruity and less burnt-tasting.”  


He compares the complexity to wine. “People should be buying coffee like they do produce,” he says. “Freshness is just as important with coffee as it is with bread. Keeping it fresh, that’s my philosophy.”  

His focus is simple: brewing the world’s finest organic specialty cold brew coffee for households and businesses, with mail order distribution anywhere in the United States. 


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Elsbeth Lindner is Editor of River Journal, sister monthly of River Journal North.

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